Snežana Šolkotovic (Category-Poem) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Excellence)

Snežana Šolkotovic (Category-Poem) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Excellence)

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Snežana Šolkotovic

I was born there,
I took the first step there, I said the first word
There is my homeland, my love,
There I opened the door of the soul…
There are my sunny dawns,
childhood dreams, my family,
a lump of earth, old house,
lantern light confusing fireflies.

There the sky is especially blue,
the Danube River boasts waves,
there are huge fields, flower meadows,
the song of life is created with delight …

I carry the scent of linden in my soul
Stories of the past remind me of who I am,
sheaves of wheat keep my secrets
this is my homeland,
I know very well what a breath of freedom means…

Peace and friendship, messages of love are sent around the world
That’s what binds people together,
This is my homeland, Serbia,
Homeland except this, I have no other…
Šolkotović Snežana, Srbija

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