Slavka Božović (Category-Poetry)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Appreciation)

Slavka Božović (Category-Poetry)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Appreciation)


Slavka Božović

It was timeless love,
an unfortunate circumstance set us apart.
The pain in my heart poured out,
by fate the branches of my soul mutilated.

I loved him like my eyes,
was my whole world,
I lost the sun and spring with him,
I can’t breathe, I die like a flower.

Probably God loved him more than I did,
that’s why he took it from me.
My luck was flying like dandelions,
So instead of love I drank a glass of pain.

And, my life stopped, it’s not like a river,
I try, but his shadow follows me,
Winds bring the ancient promised words:
“My love, only death can separate us”!

Copyright© Slavka Bozovic


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