Shweta Prakash Kukreja (Category-Sohrt Story) (Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

Shweta Prakash Kukreja (Category-Sohrt Story) (Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

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Shweta Prakash Kukreja

The broken star of Galaxy

“Bibiji what do you keep watching with this doorbeen?”Vimla asked Mrs .Ray holding the tray in her hands.
“Vimla, this is not doorbeen…it’s a telescope and I glance milkyway galaxy with this.”replied Mrs.Ray

“Galaxy..Means lots of stars right?”
“Yeah right…but I’m searching for planets among these stars.” Replied Mrs Ray famous scientist in the world of astrophysics.

“But bibiji stars are bigger than planets..You told me once..Then why not to watch them.”innocently Vimla kept her view.
“Ah!You won’t understand…who cares about stars..They’re already numerous.”she got irritated.

Vimla was living with Mrs. And Mr Ray since past six years managing their house while both remained engrossed in their research …And then occurred wretched lockdown.

“Vimla…..Vimla,where are you?”called Mrs. Ray.
“yes bibiji,was chopping jackfruit…cooking your favourite curry today.”excited Vimla came out of kitchen.
“Take this….your salary .”she handed an envelope to Vimla.
“But why you’re giving me salary so early…I didn’t ask…I don’t need it right now bibi ji.”she was confused.
“Well Vimla ..Don’t mind…its been two months…me and your sahab has not received our salaries..So we’ve planned to manage our work on our own…why don’t you visit your brothers house in Pune.?”Mrs Ray advised .

“Brothers house…brother who has never bothered to call me in past six years…you know very well bibi ji..There’s no one in this world for me…you and sahab is my family…don’t pay me…I’ll be fine.”Vimla pleaded with tears in her eyes.

“No,we can’t afford you now…try and understand Vimla..You can come back after pandemic is over.”
“Yes bibiji now I understood…we poor people are like stars of galaxy…Although we lit up the dark night sky….but who cares…credit is given to moon…we’re millions in number…..I should have understood before….that you people give more importance to planets forgetting that the galaxy is made up of stars…not any other celestial body….never expected from you bibiji”
She left…left her galaxy….without taking a single thing from that house….keeping the envelope at the table….walking on road…without slippers….without water….only tears in her eyes….and a heavy heart that was broken…her trust shattered.
The galaxy yet again lost its star….
Star heading towards blackhole….

©Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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