Shuchi Shukla (UBI Abundance Contest | Certificate of excellence )

Shuchi Shukla (UBI Abundance Contest | Certificate of excellence )


And then there was an abundance
Of lull, of a silence after the storm.
The room dark, the sheets were crumpled,
And a scathing pain in every heartbeat.
Dazed, she lay there staring blankly
At the open window offering the patches of blue sky.
Serpents of questions entangling her mind
Sobbed she as if a spent up crying child.
Going down the sundry memory lane
Passionate was, what now seems vain.

Those days when the sky painted rainbows
And streaks of love made her face glow.
When talks were endless and love in abundance
Thought she, love alone was enough for sustenance.
When the world was colourful without any grey
And smiling- happily ever after they hoped to stay.
But realities of the world shattered her dreams
Every day she dies in her silent stifling screams.

This is not what she had been dreaming for?
Gets up she slowly to shut the door left ajar.
Resolution in the eyes and strong will in the soul
Picks up she her broken pieces to make it a whole.
Now that she decides to exercise her might
Every scarcity will be turned in abundance, right?

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