Sailabala Dash (Category-Poem) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Excellence)

Sailabala Dash (Category-Poem) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Excellence)

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Sailabala Dash

From whose lap l take birth,
Whose food and water nourish each of my cell with mirth,
Whose air l breathe in to fill myself with energy and power,
I owe all my longings and belongings to my country, with pride l declare.
Each particle of the soil has been drenched with blood of my martyr fore fathers.
Each pebble is a fossil of the skeleton of my ancestors.
Their sigh and cry has been mingled in this sky , in this atmosphere.
I take pride of my birth on this soil,l celebrate with grandeur.
The crowning glory is the Himalayas with all its glories,
Guards against all odds since aeons,since centuries.
Oceans do keep washing its feet with devout and regards.
I take pride for my country,l sing its glory as a bard.
I won’t hesitate to sacrifice my life for my country if required.
I love my country,l take pride to keep up the prestige of our nation with tricolour, l take an ordeal to guard.
©® Dr.Sailabala Dash

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