Sailabala Dash (Category-Poem) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Excellence)

Sailabala Dash (Category-Poem) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Excellence)

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Sailabala Dash

Grandmom’s tale(12-24 lines)
Grandmoms are God’s exquisite gift.
Demigods descend on earth,their abode get a shift.
In grandmoms’ tales fairies and angels become alive.
Papa’s fairy chases the unicorns, soars high, into deep sea she too dives.
Grandmoms’ cuddle and fondle makes her a Rapunzel herself.
Sleep angel doesn’t touch her magic wand untill grandmom helps.
Very often she teaches morales with inbuilt extempore short stories.
Those leave their stamp till adulthood with nostalgic memories.
Grannies do play their role well as playmates and good nannies.
The bed time stories can’t be sweeter in other’s voice than that of the grannies.
Grannies don’t continue to be there for the life time.
Their story telling spree remains alive in fond memories with the same shine.
©® Dr.Sailabala Dash

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