Rosie Caristea(Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Excellence)

Rosie Caristea(Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Excellence)

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Rosie Caristea


You started like the gentle breeze
Flowing smoothly from the east
A roller coaster started slow
At a speed up, up, you go.

Before it reached the highest peak
The ride gathered a double speed
Then from the top, the sudden drop
Pulling my breath down to my gut.

The speeding lies spread like wildfire
Consumed the grassland in rapid strength
Then false witness circle around
The monster league of paid squad

You are a year of lesson learned
A smirk behind pretentious mask
The ugly face of cruelties
Has been your greatest lesson to life

You are the year between truth and lies
Where goats and wolves hide in disguise
Nevertheless you are the year
Of seeing fake and who are real

Still I have this grateful heart
Coz when I’m down I learned to fight
And for the coming year ahead
My scratch and scars will be healed.

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