Rosie Caristea (Category- Poetry)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Excellence)

Rosie Caristea (Category- Poetry)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Excellence)

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Rosie Caristea



Justice! justice! where are you?

Gone into hiding for us?

Did your blindfold so tight?

That you turned your back!


Remove your blindfold and see!

By the  injustice we flee!

Can you rescue the oppress?

are you truly blind to care?


Through your blindfold men perish!

At the hands of tyrants!

Haven’t you see the morons?

Sucking the blood of nations!


Rampant injustice from the unjust!

Mocking your blindfold avert eyes!

Taunting your power, sowing distrust!

Justice please!open your eyes!


Remove your blindfold and see!

The growing terror to humanity!

Devouring the weak like prey!

While you are looking away!


Injustice done by the unjust!

Mirth on their mocking eyes!

Worst scenario, who can hide?

When justice delayed; justice denied!



From The Pearl of The Orient,

The Philippines.

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