Rosie Caristea (Category- Poetry )(My Heart Says | Certificate of Excellence)

Rosie Caristea (Category- Poetry )(My Heart Says | Certificate of Excellence)

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Rosie Caristea


I am not free,and so you are,
Our timing is wrong from the start,
Though my heart says take a plunge
And strike the iron while it’s hot.

But there is no right love at the wrong time,
It is too foolish to defy the truth,
Putting ourselves between the wall,
Will be the beginning of our fall.

There is no wrong timing at the right love,
Feelings must not be compromise,
Right love comes at the right time,
Not by the reason of the blind.

There is a beginning for everything,
Whether they are wrong or they are right,
And it is better to heed your mind,
Than to suffer from foolish heart.

Yes, maybe we are right,
We were in love, but it’s not right,
We have no reason to fight for us,
Because it is wrong from the start.

From The Pearl of The Orient,
The Philippines

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