Rose George(Category-Short Story)(Blossoms | Certificate of Excellence)

Rose George(Category-Short Story)(Blossoms | Certificate of Excellence)

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Rose George

Rani blossoming with time
Rani was an only daughter of her parents. She was an extremely shy child. Rani was an introvert. As a child Rani would not express herself freely with her friends who lived in her locality. Rohini and Radhika were her friends. They would go to school together and they were all studying in the same class.
All her teachers in school gave Rani many opportunities. She still did not express herself freely. When Rani joined college, a sudden transformation took place in her. Mrs. Narayan, her English teacher played a major role in guiding Rani. She encouraged Rani to take part in debates, seminars and conferences. Soon Rani started communicating effectively. She won an award for the best speaker in college.
She became an extrovert and started having many friends.
Today Rani is the chairman of a Bank. She is very good leader for all the employees in her Bank. Rani from a shy chid blossomed into a confident personality having a strong influence on the lives of many. From this story we realise about her transformation from a shy child in the budding years to her blossoming into confident person over a period of time

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