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Rose George

Leena’s birthday party

A grand birthday party was organised by Leena’s parents. All her friends were invited. There were a lot of guests for her birthday. It was a very lavish party. The food served was very delicious and was ordered from a nearby hotel. The children enjoyed a lot by playing many games and dancing. Everyone enjoyed the party very much.
After the party Leena dropped her friends home by car. When they were returning, they saw some poor children searching for food in the garbage. Leena stopped and spoke to them. They said they had no food to eat and so they were searching for some food.
Leena told them that she would bring them the food that she had shared with her friends at the birthday party. She went home and saw the amount of food wasted by all of them. She felt sad that there were so many hungry children wanting food. She packed the food in the boxes and distributed it to them. They were so happy on seeing the food given by Leena.The smile on their faces brought joy to Leena’s heart. She felt how important it is to be human and understand the feelings of the poor who don’t have a single meal to eat and yet everyone wastes so much of food daily.
The next day Leena went to an orphanage and distributed sweets and delicacies to all. Leena’s parents were very happy that she realised how important it is to share with others instead of wasting food. Leena learnt the most valuable lesson of being human on her birthday

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