Rita Badhwar (UBI Teary Eyes Contest | Certificate of Participation )

Rita Badhwar (UBI Teary Eyes Contest | Certificate of Participation )

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Rita Badhwar

Nimmi ! Nimmi ! Shouting right from the entrance gate, my eyes searched for her.We were childhood buddies- bosom Friends.But there was no sign of her.My eyes searched her every where. At last I enquired from her in- laws who were sitting in the courtyard,busy discussing some serious matter.Instead of speaking any thing they just pointed out towards her room.I proceeded towards the room. There she was sitting all alone,putting her head down & sobbing continuously.

Failing to understand anything,I asked hesitatingly,” Tell me, what is the matter? What are you up to ?”She did not respond. I took her hand & asked again & again.Out came her unexpected reaction. She cried in a hoarse voice & shouted,” Every thing is finished Pratima”. I could understand nothing.

After mustering enough courage , trying hard to hide her “Teary Eyes”,she narrated the whole incident .
Last evening when she & her husband, an
Army officer,who was on a vacation were
busy planning a surprise trip of a hill station for their four year old son Andhuman,came an official order to report immediately to the duty,as it was an Emergency.

Now all alone,sitting & pondering,
almost in a state of shock related everything gasping her :sob:tears.Being her closest friend I left no stone unturned to pacify her in a positive manner.

Suddenly her little son came inside like a gust of fresh air. Giving me a side glance put her small arms gently around her mother’s neck, kissed her teary eyes softly & whispered in her ears,” Come on Maa! Do not cry. Papa will kill all the enemies & will return home soon. We will enjoy then .”

It worked almost like a magic . She got up instantly, wiped her tears, hugged, her son tightly, but did not try to hide her
beautiful “TEARY EYES”.

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