Rita Badhwar (Category-Poetry)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

Rita Badhwar (Category-Poetry)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

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Rita Badhwar

Oooooo Galaxy!!!
You keep on tickling our fancy,
How vast and deep you are,
Sooo Amazing and too far,

Full of gas and dust particle,
Such a deep beautiful whirlpool circle,
Balancing the elements with gravitational force,
Curiousity & bewilderment’s permanent source,

Fill our hearts with ecstasy of joy,
The blue starry sky appears to be a toy,
Sun,moon,planets heading on their path afar,
Constellation of seven stars taking round of bright pole star,

Want to behold through a big telescope,
The wonderful solar system that offers a big scope,
All the secrets of beautiful meteors & comets,
Wish I could possess these beautiful twinkling stars in my pockets.

@Rita Badhwar

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