Rita Badhwar (Category-Article)(So What|Certificate of Excellence)

Rita Badhwar (Category-Article)(So What|Certificate of Excellence)

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Rita Badhwar

SO What ??
We are forced to live in “Lockdown”(for last one & half months)due to the most dangerous pandemic ever faced by the mankind. The situation looks tense & grim. SO WHAT???
Because this is not going to remain for ever. Everything takes its own course in this changing world & then goes back in it’s reset mode. So friends ! Have patience !Don’t leave the hope ! Do not loose Heart! Let us take a pledge to defeat this horrible CORONA
Virus by hook or crook.
I know that it is a Herculean task to compel CORONA VIRUS to be on its backfoot . We have to be both mentally & physically strong coupled with positivity to give a tough fight to COVID-19.
Though our Governments both at Centre & State level are trying their level best to deal with this situation by taking requisite measures. At the same time it is our moral
duty also to give full support to government & social machinery by staying safe at home & maintaining Social Distance.
It is a great challenge to check the Community Transmission of COVID-19 in such a vast country like ours. Being a growing & developing economy we have limited resources too. Inspite of all the limited means I am proud to say that we have been able to curtail this deadly virus better than many other advanced countries rather we are giving all possible help to them.
As the popular saying goes”where there is a will there is a way.” Here in India people have shown great awareness & been more than co-operative to the norms decided by the Govt, experts & specialists- leaving aside a few odd cases of non-cooperating persons.The outcomes are self explanatory when we see that the whole world is looking towards India for all possible assistance.
While our scientists are busy doing advance researches,it is our primary duty to cooperate with para medical Staff, Doctors, Nurses,policemen & many other who help us in day to day life. We should rather show our gratitude to them.
Far away is not the day when we all as a Nation will be singing proudly…
“We shall overcome some day hohoho deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome…”

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