RIJAK KAUR SARLA (Category-Short Story)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Excellence)

RIJAK KAUR SARLA (Category-Short Story)(Saga of Pain|Certificate of Excellence)



Sandhu rose to the Aurora and went out to spot the Venus in the dawn. It was the 25th of March,2019, Harry’s 10th birthday. Harry was their obedient son who was born to them today (on their anniversary). “Happy birthday to you Harry”, chanted Mr. and Mrs. Sandhu. They really had a gala time that day.

A smile spread across Mrs. Sandhu’s face as she recollected those days. It was the 25th of March, 2034 today. She sat in the rocking chair in her courtyard with her beloved husband, contented, with their retirement and son’s life. At that instance, a car came to a halt in front of their house. The doors clicked revealing a bearded man in a black suit and a bachelor with half moon glass spectacles and a budding moustache, Harry. “Hey Harry! How are you doing Mr. Batra?”,beamed Mr. Sandhu. Mr. Batra who was their family lawyer said sternly,” Mr. and Mrs. Sandhu, you ought to vacate the house right away”. Surely shocking the old mother and father away. “I beg your pardon. Did I hear you saying that we have to leave “our” house?”, cried Mrs.Sandhu. “You heard it right, Madam. I have got the papers with me that have your signature.” Mr. Sandhu recollected having signed a few papers when asked by Harry. Gosh! He had cheated them and now they had to leave their cherished abode. The walls of which had the pink face of newly born once myrmidon boy. They roared with the cackle of Harry and subtle memories. They had to leave those! They had been kicked out of ‘their’ house!

“What happened next Aunty?”asked Rama with inquiring eyes. ” That is it. We had to sleep on the footpath for about a week without food and water. Luckily, we encountered you on our way to finding a new place to lie down and landed up here in the Sahara old age home.” “Don’t you have animosity in your heart for that cheat?” There was no reply.
That was the last day Rama ever met the old couple. Maybe she had been somebody to whom Mrs. Sandhu had spoken her heart out and relieved her of her Saga of Pain!

Copyright@Rijak Kaur Sarla
(Age-13 years)

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