Rijak Kaur Sarla (Category-Short Story)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

Rijak Kaur Sarla (Category-Short Story)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)


Rijak Kaur Sarla

Neha went to the balcony to steal a glance at the twinkling stars. A cold shiver went through her. She was nervous as it was a matter of life and death. She had two options- either to brave it or to get trampled under the storm. She woke up courageously the next morning. She took a bath, dressed herself up, combed her hair and looked into the mirror(she thought probably for the last time) and smiled at herself. She sat in the car, her heart pounding loudly when she felt an angel’s finger clutch hers, her mother. She hugged her, Neha felt as if she would cry right away when her mother spoke,”Dear, I know you are afraid but I assure you until I am alive, I won’t let you go. You are my little princess and my world revolves around you. You will brave it, won’t you?” “Yes” she wanted to say but couldn’t as she resisted her tears but her mother knew her reply.

She wore the hospital gown and lied down on the stretcher. She was ready. She looked at her mother intently who showed her a thumbs up, in a reply to which a tear rolled down Neha’s face and bid adieu with a smile. The light of the operation theatre turned green. Her mother sat down on the bench, her eyes closed and her hands joined until after 2 hours, the doctor came out. “Yes”, he smiled. Her mother gave a sigh of relief. Her daughter came out and her mother kissed her many a times and said,”Thank you Neha. You have fought it,my little princess.” The little princess had emerged as a Galaxy, a galaxy of courage and patience as she came out victorious from the Tata Memorial Hospital.
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