Princess Lubna (Sound of the rain Contest | Certificate of Appreciation)

Princess Lubna (Sound of the rain Contest | Certificate of Appreciation)

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Princess Lubna


Rains bring forth the deep embedded feelings
Invoking one to fall in love, its sealing
Love stories take birth silently
Crushing the mind over heart diligently

Listening to the raindrops softly falling
Remembering the first love’s calling
Melodies of love one reminisce
Romantic love songs to be precise

Holding your hand tightly
My head on your shoulder lightly
Walking with you in the rain
Washes sadness and all my pain

Dripping wet and trembling so cold
Longing to be in your arms tight hold
Not saying a word ever so shy
Overwhelmed I start to cry

My tears streaming down
In the rain they swiftly drown
Your feeling my body shuddering
A warm loving embrace from you covering

A blissful joyous moment
Serene silken silent moment
A million splendid moons shining
A million raindrops all smiling

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