Preeti Choudhary (Rainbow | Certificate of Appreciation)

Preeti Choudhary (Rainbow | Certificate of Appreciation)

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Preeti Choudhary

We always get many choices, so we can sort and pick,

Either to be ourselves or learn to trick,

To enjoy life to the fullest or become a hick.


Ameliorate or acquiesce and scowl,

Walk along with the fellows or start to prowl,

Face the music of the world or use a cowl.


The freedom to brawl or mutter,

Fly past the clouds or get lost in the clutter,

Be firm on the decisions or become a cutter.


Vanquish our angst or hide in the cloak

Listen to the words of wisdom or become a joke,

Observe the growth or be dazed in smoke.


The soul would gleam in humility, just as a rainbow,

Compassion amongst the rainbow colors of the rich show. 

Each one’s existence make the others’ love glow.

Thats how the persona would be if we learn to grow.

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