Pramod ‘Prakash'(Thankyou2019 |Certificate of Appreciation)

Pramod ‘Prakash'(Thankyou2019 |Certificate of Appreciation)

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Pramod 'Prakash'

Another year is at an end with in few days from now.Leaving some sweet and sore memories of year 2O19.Years are just a number of game which warns us to be more alert in the life with a result making my journey of seventy long years quite challenging and memorable

It was a most memorable year for me as I was blessed with a Grand Son in June. Earlier was having a cute Grand Daughter
Both keep me busy with their cute company.Unforgettable moments of the life.

It’s almost eight years of my retired life and it was quite difficult for a person whose life was too busy for fourty two years.Now, Facebook is my true
companion which gave me a recognition as poet at International level.

During a period of last three years I have composed more than two hundred poems in English and my language Hindi. I have
been awarded with Awards like Participation, Appreciation, Commendation, Merit, Bronze, Winner and Feature Artist by the Indian and Foreign poetic groups

This year my poems in nine poetic Anthologies have been published which gave me immense pleasure which now
reaching to twenty. Anthology’s are titled
as My Belief, Lyrical Dew Drops, Reminiscing Summer, The Pillar, Bowel of Peace, Legacy, Splash

It includes poems of many Poets of International level which gives me a great houner and recognition at International level.I pray for more feathers of success of literary journey which not only suffice me but for those who follows my poetry

Wishing people of this World a Happy & peaceful coming year 2O2O with no war and terrorism, no child tracking, no killing, no raping with woman ,no domestic violence.

Thank you Year 2O19 for giving me some pleasing moments of my life.

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