Ngam Emmanuel (Category-Poem) (Snowy Evenings| Certificate of Excellence)

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Ngam Emmanuel

When twilight began to dim the day
I knew December’s moon was on way
To unveil season’s wondrous nights
Beneath rare mystic radiant lights
All eye-catching were the sunset hues
That would rinse off all the wintry blues
The snowy glow that spirits uplifted
To muse in awe of moments gifted
All trees and fields snow would gently kiss
With hugs of white quilt that feels like bliss
That’ll warm their skin till summer comes
And spring to dance to nature’s tunes
As dusk falling fast, noise seemed muffled
Then a brittle silence the woods filled
On bald nightly streets, restaurants awaited
With hot chocolate juice that clients got baited
Adventure for those who dared nightfall
Having fun walking under snowfall
Frigid air that wicked away their warmth
Pleased them instead to their very depth
Then fire, winter’s own fruit, burns
Besides, friends, laughter, all smiles
Sipping hot coffee, munching cornflakes
Time goes unchecked like falling snowflakes
Ngam Emmanuel

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