Mir Samsul Haque (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Excellence)

Mir Samsul Haque (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Excellence)


Mir Samsul Haque

The year 2019 has been so heraldic with a vital sphere
I’ve seen my soul singing in soulful sphere
My early dreams saw their true reincarnation
Hopes glittering on the fanciful horizon

I’ve been hooked to my art of writing
Being oblivion to mundane addiction
While undertaking my poetic passion
I have found my flair flying sky-high
To my idyllic heart’s best satisfaction

All along the year 2019
The unwavering support of my friends
And praise and plaudits of my pals
To say truly, I’ve gathered life’s roses
An unhindered march of my poetic progress
In pages of poetry, I have seen my essence
Thanking one and all for my meteoric rise
My heart is overflowing with this heartwarming prize

In this magical year I’ve treasured lot many aspirations
I’ve kept my heart’s door open for plethora of poetic intrusion
I’ve relished every hour as elixir
A year replet with designated desires
Finally, my muse is multiplying in galore

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