Mayank Dhar (Category-Poem) (Betrayal | Certificate of Excellence)

Mayank Dhar (Category-Poem) (Betrayal | Certificate of Excellence)

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Mayank Dhar

Dreams of a world together

Had finally crashed forever

His hopes to live struggling hard

Wild wolves pulling him apart

He was fighting a loosing battle

Oh! what will the damsel do

She will ask it was who

Had shredded her heart like this

As blood streamed down his eyes

Blows pinning him to half his size

He could hazily see a white face

His lady stood near the staircase

Blowing him a kiss and goodbye

Mustering his last nerve to ask a why

Before a thud from back knocked him down

Some hands took away that  last breath

His eyes fixed still at her footsteps

Still asking what was left for him to do best

May be Betrayls have no why

All it is left with some cries… Just cries.. ..only cries

(in memory  of a talented actor SSR who left too soon)

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