Manoj Kumar Panda (Category-Poem)(Helping Hands|Certificate of Appreciation)

Manoj Kumar Panda (Category-Poem)(Helping Hands|Certificate of Appreciation)

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Manoj Kumar Panda

Over which we have no control,
But know that with a helping hand
We could make another stand.
When ever we feel troubled by life’s many toils,
And feel we have been beaten
Beyond anyone’s repair,
Exhausted by circumstances,
Lend a hand to one another
In the daily toil of life;
When we meet a weaker brother,
Let us help him in the strife.
There is none so rich but may,
In his turn, be forced to borrow;
And the poor man’s lot to-day
May become our own to-morrow.
But the tables could turn On any given day
It’s so easy to look The other way
So help if you can
For one day you may be
The one who’s down and out
The one no one will see .

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