Mafizuddin Chowdhury (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Excellence )

Mafizuddin Chowdhury (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Excellence )

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Mafizuddin Chowdhury


The world is the tolerant mother of mankind,
Environment plays an active role from behind.
Our survival depends on its sole development,
Danger comes to our lives if it turns arrogant.

Our planet like human has metabolic needs,
Unfortunately, it’s suffering for our misdeeds.
We have a habit of dominating other things,

Ignoring the natural values, as we’re kings.

The planet turns scorched advancing deserts,
Ruining its landscapes we darken our hearts.
Fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands,
Over consuming we drag them to tragic ends.

Forests sharply destroyed to procure firewood,
For eco-friendly environment it does no good.
Using of plastic bags makes situation worse,
Smokes and sewages too deteriorate its force.

A crucial role played by growth of population,
Extensively increasing the forestry depletion.
A striking base responsible for global warming,
Severe cause that makes worldwide suffering.

We need a holistic view to save the ambience,
A passport for future to keep up our existence.
The earth is not inherited from our forefathers,
It is to confer others, we’re merely borrowers.

© Mafizuddin Chowdhury

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