Lalita Vaitheeswaran (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award )

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Lalita Vaitheeswaran

What if this time stood still?
And every moment froze?
People lying down just there lay
While others kept standing as they rose !!
Kicking and cooing inside the womb
The full term fetus refused to budge
The children stunted and there were adults no more
As someone with the mighty TIME had fudged !!
The sick man lay on the hospital bed
To see again days healthy and new
The Doctor said “No… since TIME has stopped..
You may have to bid adieu”
Music stopped and melancholy rose
Wounds of the body and Soul both bled
There was no respite , no moving on from the past
As TIME the best healer was dead!!
There were no journeys or Sojourn
No periods defined with the Clocks’ chime
The past and the present with future merged
And there was no ” once upon a TIME”
So let TIME move on giving joy
Let moments of fulfillment and happiness erect
Let moments churn into days and years
Let the clock tick , and the Sun rise and set !!!

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