Lalita Iyer Vaitheeswaran (Category- Short Story)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Appreciation )


Lalita Iyer Vaitheeswaran

(Disclaimer: The story is purely fictitious and any resemblance to anyone is purely a coincidence.)


The courtroom was jam packed. Everyone wanted to be witness to today’s peculiar case and all eyes were on the Judge Justice Sunil Mehta.The defendant was the son of the well known business tycoon Akash Malhotra who had been accused of siring the offspring of the plaintiff Neha who was now demanding that she be given half of his property.

Media was rife with allegations and counter allegations and channels increased their TRPs with their decibels and debates.

The attorney of Neha was vociferous and as he held the DNA report as testimony, all held their breath and dropped their jaws staring wide.

Akash Malhotra is now finished .. they exclaimed.

“Order order”….said the judge..

As he called upon the attorney of the defendant, Deepak Chopra ,to cross examine and question .

“Where was your child born?” Advocate Deepak Chopra asked…

“Goodwill fertility clinic” responded Neha.

“Aaah…” said the lawyer…was it a normal delivery or a case of Artificial Reproductive technique(ART)?”

 Even before Neha could say softly..ART…

Advocate Deepak Chopra tore into her answers…

What was the technique?

Was it IVF?….

“No”….she was getting more defensive…”it was artificial insemination…”

“H or D?”….he roared…

“I repeat…..

Was it husband …or Donor…?”

And everything seemed to fall flat…

Akash Malhotra’s son had   once donated his sperm in this very clinic whose lab in charge was the brother of an ex employee of Akash  who had been fired.

And his sperm had been used as an ART for Neha.

Even though sperm banks do not disclose or leak the donors names…he had conspired with Neha, to  not only malign Akash Malhotra but also to loot him. 

Justice Sunil Mehta was ready with his verdict…

Akash Malhotra’s son was innocent.

Neha, her husband, the sperm bank manager and his brother were all booked for criminal conspiracy.


Justice was delivered !!


©️Lalita Vaitheeswaran

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