K.Radhakrishnan (UBI Journey Of The Soul Contest | Veteran Poets Of UBI )

K.Radhakrishnan (UBI Journey Of The Soul Contest | Veteran Poets Of UBI )

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What makes my soul, I ponder,
Did it exist before attached to body,I wonder,
I gaze in to space and let my mind wander,
Scriptures tell me that the soul is immortal.

My soul witnesses whatever I think and act,
If body perishes, soul will be alive, it’s a fact,
Love, compassion, joy and harmony,
My soul holds all these for eternity.

Our eternal soul is the piece of the divine,
To experience life, in my body it did align,
We are all travelers in a cosmic journey,
Out to dive in to the whirlpools of infinity.

The soul assists body to win life’s tourney,
Helping us score points in our temporary journey,
The good points we score are love and empathy,
These points will be etched in people’s memory.

The soul will teach kindness in our journey,
The soul knows the geography of our destiny,
The rhythm of soul is always present with us all,
Not aligning with soul’s rhythm is the cause of our fall.

If life is a concert, the soul enthrall us all,
This rhythm of soul ensures divinity in us all,
We are spiritual beings with temporary human experience,
Let our limited life be one that is glorious.

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