K.Radhakrishnan (Rainbow | Senior Poets )

K.Radhakrishnan (Rainbow | Senior Poets )

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Not just a meteorological phenomenon,

Reflection, refraction as its explanation,

Heaven directed magnificent show

Symbol of passion is RAINBOW.


A bridge made by God to connect,

Heaven and earth in way so perfect,

Sprinkling seven colors so bright,

Painting the sky to our delight.


With colors to reflect all human emotions,

Always giving birth to romantic sensations,

Violet to dip us in the ocean of spirituality,

Indigo to sedate us in its cosmic serenity.


Blue, the color of sky, denotes divinity,

Green to remind us to grow to our prosperity,

Yellow to bask in sunshine of our creativity,

Orange asks us to embrace positivity.


Red is the symbol of love and passion,

End of storms of life, time for elation,

Rejoicing with seven colors in our celebration,

To our multicolored dreams, no limitation


Rainbow is a God sent covenant,

A message from Him to be benevolent,

Bow in reverence to His rainbow formation,

Wonder is never in dearth in His creation.

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