Jyoti Thatte (Category- Poetry)(LIFE GOES ON | Certificate of Appreciation)


Jyoti Thatte

Unable to let go I hold on to things,
Trying in vain to tie up broken strings,
I try to stop water from flowing,
Stop the clock to prevent time from moving,
Yet time moves on and water flows on,
Night passes away and there is dawn,
I stand still pruning my wings,
While the blue skies invites, “listen the wind sings”
I hesitate I look back tracing footsteps on trodden track,
The green meadow whispers “go ahead don’t look back,
Entangled mesh of life has no end,
There’s new turn at every bend”,
How can I stay back, I must go,
There’s no point in lying low,
Clock must move water must flow,
Its sunshine wind must blow,
Still air suffocates, Still water stagnates,
Flow carelessly life vindicates.

by Jyoti Thatte

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