Jyoti Thatte (By Blackout| Certificate of Appreciation)


Jyoti Thatte

Still silence,entire world is calm,
The night fills in all the directions,
The world like an enormous bird,
Nestles carelessly in the nights nest,
Darkness fills darkness prevails on the horizon,
Inert and live hues blend in that,
The Stars float on the profound sky,
Like floral shower on some grave,
Grim war ends, clarions are silent,
Wailing victims are hoarse with despair,
Holding relics of their dreams,
Lay oblivious in the land of dreams,
Amid this sleeping world soft wind wanders,
A hustling waft makes makes a round in between,
Fanning the fuel of funeral pyre,
A lunatic strays in the graveyard,
The chase for gold stops for a while,
Bazaars are empty,
Labour cuddle up in the bosom of rest,
The lights dim in plush palace,
The earth exhausted and tired,
With dreams of stars in her eyes,
Sleeps the garb of light tumbles,
Time hesitates by the bedside,
Tomorrow life will flock back
The shrill cries would fill this aliens sky,
Countless feet would trample this silent place,
A blaze will be stuck by the sun rays
Why are you up and smouldering
The Venus shines blissfully,
Douse the fiery flame of your heart,
Relax o dear for the night passes by.

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