Solkotovic Snezana , Srbija (Category- Short Story)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Excellence)

Solkotovic Snezana , Srbija (Category- Short Story)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Excellence)


Solkotovic Snezana , Srbija


She was dating a boy from the village. She got pregnant. However, the young man’s mother did not want her for a daughter-in-law. Because of his mother, he left her without any explanations. The stomach was becoming more visible from month to month. All the villagers were staring at her and commenting that she was embarrassing the village. She tried her best not to be hurt by their words, so she hid herself from malicious tounges. She would take a cow for grazing while seeking some peace and refuge. But she couldn’t hide there either.

“What are you going to do about it, Maria?”, the little girl staring at her belly asked.

“I’ll give a birth…”, the pregnant woman answered leisurely.

Few months later, she brought a healthy boy into the world. She soon married a widower who lived abroad. He accepted the baby as if he was his own. The more Ivan grew, the more he looked like his father. The father who arranged a new life for himself with another woman – in spite of a series of attempts – could not get a descendant. Years went by, Maria got a second child, but Ivan was special to her.

His biological father was trying to approach him and explain himself; but no excuse could bring him closer to his son.

“Don’t bother, my father is the one who was raising me all these years and embraced me as his own son.” 

There is justice…


Solkotovic Snezana , Srbija

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