Jyothy Ramachandran (Category- Short Story)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Excellence)

Jyothy Ramachandran (Category- Short Story)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Excellence)


Jyothy Ramachandran

I was all excited ..for my interview. One of the best places in the world to work in and work at and work for.

Impeccably dressed was I , with a song in my heart I stepped out of the Ola. 

I was entering the portals of the office complex when a Merc came at such a high speed. The lady at the wheel could not careless when she drove her four-wheeled toy into a puddle that -out came a wave of slush and there I was . .. covered in slush….top to bottom. No..no exaggeration.


I was shaken for a moment. There ..out goes my interview. No choice , but to go home….



I open my mail listlessly and what do I get to see…


Hi ..

I happened to watch you this morning …. the Merc incident.

I observed that you had neither lost your cool nor did you let a string of expletives at the lady.. instead you went back very calmly.

Appreciating this, we offer you a TEAM LEADER assignment. Now you are not in the team but YOU will lead the team.



I could not read further… I was overjoyed….a lucky soul of karmic justice…



©®Jyothy Ramachandran

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