Gurmeet Singh Sarla (Category-Poem)(So What|Certificate of Excellence)

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Gurmeet Singh Sarla

So what if I was new in the profession
It is from here I’ll earn my meal,
So what if I did not have the requisite skill
At least my intention was to heal.

So what if he will have pain while I treat him
It is for sure that his ailment will be cured,
So what if I won’t be able to visit my ailing parents
At least he will be with his children after his surgery is ensured.

So what if he will not be able to walk without support
At least he will live to be with his folks,
He will rest, recoup and rehabilitate
To again share some jokes.

So what if he has to stay in the hospital for a while
These difficult times too shall pass,
Very soon he will be discharged from the hospital
And his life will be ‘such a contrast.’

So what if he has lost his limb
After all that heavy bleeding his life is saved,
He has been fitted with a prosthetic limb
What a storm in his life he braved.

Dr Gurmeet Singh Sarla

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