Gurmeet Sarla (Category-Poem) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Excellence)


Gurmeet Sarla

I was a pampered child and excessively I cried,
I enjoyed to ride my toy car and it was fun to glide.
Dad didn’t like me being irascible hence used to guide,
Mom used to say, ‘What will happen when you become a bride.’

I grew up into a bold and beautiful girl and obviously had some pride,
Whenever I used to giggle too much, Mom was quick to chide.
My aunt wanted her son to marry me, and convincing my parents she tried,
I always used to get away saying that the age gap between us is too wide.

Then one day Mom asked me in a tone that was alarming,
What do you think Rij about your prince charming.
I revealed that I don’t like people who are superficial and smarming
And told her that I had started liking someone who was into pharming.

Parents were happy to know about the Pharma man,
Dad said he would make a better husband than a businessman.
I liked his sense of humor and he was my Anchorman,
I will laugh my lungs out with him and our journey had just began.

He was respectful and reliable, I was rude and friable.
He was stable and protective, I was careless and invective.
I knew I had a chemistry with him and was always excited to see him,
I realized it though late that I was energized to be around him.
Then came the day when the priest takes the promise to abide
Everybody just said, ‘Look at the gorgeous bride.’
My family was besides me but they were set aside
And I galloped away with my prince charming, after being allied.
© Gurmeet Singh Sarla

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