Fagbuaro Julius Adedayo (By Blackout| Certificate of Excellence)


Fagbuaro Julius Adedayo

If a person die, can he or she know anything again?.
If you have a dream, you can recall it after you would have woken up
Especially, if it’s somehow dramatic
But in this that happened to me, till now i can’t tell how anything about it

If you’re still alive, just inculcate the habit of praising the creator
You won’t know how something look like until you experience it
It’s just a step in-between death and life
If you have died that means you had die forever

Just be always greatful that you are still alive
It was the happening in few years back
On errand I was, riding on a my Pastor motorcycle
Sent to buy something from another town
I couldn’t find it in the told town, so I rode on from there town to another one

So, I rode on. I couldn’t recall either I sped high or not
Then, hospital’s bed I found myself as I opened my eyes
It’s like a magic to me as I asked the question
“How do I get here” till now I don’t know those that God used as angels to rescue my life
But I’m thankful to God for those He used to rescue my life in the day

Absolutely dark hour was the hour and the day
For till the moment I can’t still explain
For it was neither a dream nor anything related
For it was a blackout, blackout indeed!

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