Emmanuel Azenda (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Participation )

Emmanuel Azenda (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Participation )


Emmanuel Azenda

Every end of the line is a beginning of a new race
This indeed drives me to where i met a friend called January

He was so great in making plans and schedules in the journey that was just a started, and so, i learned

He introduced me to February on the thirty-first day of my journey with him at 12:00am in the buss stop of the second that separated us.

My journey with February was great, sweet, nice and so beautiful in the Valentine-day that came with many sheen memories

Lent, the period of penitence for Christian before Easter, was the greatest joy i found in March
A friend that called my attention to be spiritual

My heartfelt blooms and bliss in the joy of the Easter that came with hope in April

I enjoyed the rainy days in the May that make my world looks greenish and been in a sweet aura to say

This didn’t stop, until when June drives me to where i mate with July, August and September
Indeed, are the best friends ever

Coming to my father-land, i celebrated a special day of remembrance of our freedom
October-first, tell much about this

I mate with November after departing from October with, our heart full of deserting

And so, i learned to be grateful for the free gift of life and the air i breath, as there are many who couldn’t make it

I finally meet with December that i call my sweetie pie
As my birthday, my Mommy’s birthday and Christmas celebrations were all been in the pretty good

The year 2019 gives me many reasons to be grateful to God who keeps me alive.
Thank you 2019!

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