DrAlok Kumar Ray(Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Participation )

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DrAlok Kumar Ray

Thanks giving for me is certainly a ritual
Being humans we need to be reciprocal
The dark spot of the Moon beautifies it
Still then as a stigma we vehemently treat
O’ year 2019 , I adore you from the cavern of my heart
Grasping all my weals and woes you made me very smart
I know sweet and sour go hand in hand
Cherish we can in all situations as if having a magic wand
Very prosperous you were for me from all angles
In my mind I hope will only your memory jingle
Thankful to you for giving me all those sweet pains
On their canvas I could harvest ample gains
Thankful to you for making my ambience bittersweet but conducive
Your tender touch made me I swear less abusive
Time flies we all know as it has ethereal wings
O’ my loveable year 2019 I bid you farewell though my heavy heart seldom flings

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