Dr. Sonia Gupta (Category-Poem) (Language | Certificate of Excellence)

Dr. Sonia Gupta (Category-Poem) (Language | Certificate of Excellence)

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Dr. Sonia Gupta

O’ tiny alphabets unite together to form a language,
It does not have any religion, caste or race,
In the myriad of diversities, we all stay together,
Vivid anguages different regions harbor!

Language may be whatever, it doesn’t make a difference,
It is the voice of heart and inner conscience,
Words may be different, alphabets may vary,
Meaning of any language is same O’ buddy!

Every language reflects the beauty of its region,
It is a glory, an identity of any religion,
But in all forms and verses it spreads some message,
It is a unique boon God has blessed!

Love, peace, harmony, can be expressed in any language,
Yet same meaning these behold always,
Languages are vivid, but feelings are same,
To speak any language there should not be any shame!

Respect all languages and value their existence,
Love all languages without any discrimination,
We all are one, known to be human,
Languages may be differing but we are the same!
@Dr Sonia

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