Dr.Sailabala Dash (Traffic Jam Contest)

Dr.Sailabala Dash (Traffic Jam Contest)

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Dr.Sailabala Dash

Time was so lazy before wheels come into lime light.
Time was dragging somehow with some or the other alibis and plight.
With upcoming wheels, time got its wings to start the flight.
Over the wheels life begins to feel easy and free to pull.
Jammed traffic changed the scenerio to mock at the civilisation as a self-made fool.
All on a sudden the wheels get jammed.
No way to divert through any thoroughfare to
maintain harmony and calm.
Overcrowded roads with no roll on,
Life gets stucked up so off and on.
Many lose the opportunities to get the job done.
The golden moments were snatched off from the grip,luck gets locked leaving all undone.
Some lose life,some lose money with lost opportunity,
Some others are drowned in despair and despondence due to want and scarcity.
The mockery of the new era civilization,
Life stands still with jammed wheels in sarcastic circadian motion.

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