Dr. Archana Tandon(Category-Poetry)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

Dr. Archana Tandon(Category-Poetry)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

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Dr. Archana Tandon

” Dwarf in a galaxy”

The growing chill on a night at Ladakh
Could not dampen my will to photograph
So, I left my tent to have a look at the night sky
Sidelining the rule of not wandering alone, a rule I had to defy

The milky way shone brightly
Against the darkened surroundings
Amazing me no end
Oblivious to the risk,
Gazing and photographing the galaxy
A couple of hours I did spend

Transfixed by the beauty
I stood there astounded
Transformed was I to a philosopher
As the serenity overwhelmed the photographer

The sophist in me started analysing the miniscule presence
Of a star in a galaxy
Relating it to my own existence on this star-studded earth
Which appeared to be a Paladin dwarfy

© Dr. Archana Tandon

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