Dr. Archana Tandon (Category-Poem) (Betrayal | Certificate of Excellence)

Dr. Archana Tandon (Category-Poem) (Betrayal | Certificate of Excellence)

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Dr. Archana Tandon

Growth in a betrayal

Was it a trial

Awaiting a betrayal

Or was it a walk

To test the talk

We walked on together

Enjoying the crescendo

Trying to sheepishly peep in

Through the heart’s window

Testing and trying each other

We amusingly carried on

Courtesy our brains

Rather than our brawn

The realisation of truth

Had never been so mature

Both were honouring a relationship

Pure to the core

Mutual respect and growth

The axis of the new age revolution

Helped us gain equilibrium

Utilizing our dialectic evolution

©Dr Archana Tandon


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