Divya Venkateswaran | NanoTale | Certificate of Appreciation

Divya Venkateswaran | NanoTale | Certificate of Appreciation


Divya Venkateswaran

Children loved him for his sheer graciousness and his temperament. Dressed up attractively, hat was an essential part of his attire. They got fascinated by him. His knowledge about music was in abundance and he would never boast about it. Children revered him and he would entrap them with his dialogues and jingles. Nonetheless one child loathed him, and she knew why. The lap; was a dreaded word for her. She had undergone the pain which no child should have been subjected to at that age. The old man with the hat, the music teacher was a monster in disguise.

– By Divya Venkateswaran

20 Comments on “Divya Venkateswaran | NanoTale | Certificate of Appreciation

  1. Well it started on a musical note, I must say it startled me in the end. A bitter experience, which we try to shield our kids from. Your writing has brought the fear to the forefront.

    Well written, Divya.

    • Truth of the hour…. we as a society have failed as we are still scared to talk openly about issues Child Abuse….

      Your writing is a very apt example of ‘less words… more meaning…..’ Very well written…

  2. Such a deep message in these few words. My heart skipped a beat reading your little tale.😳😳. Like you have addressed the issue of child abuse in a hidden way, the crime also takes place without a hint.

    You are going to be an amazing writer. All the best dear

    • Wonderful writing Divya! Truly, this horrid issue is as hidden as it is in this Nano Tale of yours. Kudos to you on writing about it! You are a fine writer dear! All the best.. Keep writing!

  3. Sad part is yes we do have these monsters in our society and these innocent children have to testify…Well written b/w the lines…!

    • You have brought a sensitive issue to the forefront with.ease. kudos. Expecting to read more of such interesting tsles

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