Divleen Kaur Sachdeva(Category-Short Story)(Being Human|Certificate of Appreciation)

Divleen Kaur Sachdeva(Category-Short Story)(Being Human|Certificate of Appreciation)

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Divleen Kaur Sachdeva

A man of principles , a non-conformist , my mother’s grandfather was a man who didn’t believe in reincarnation or any donations in the name of religion. I have seen him sharing a great bond with my mother who used to confide all her secrets in him. He was indeed her pillar, her strength and what all she is today , she accredits her grandfather for it.
‘Being Human’ is about hospitality and generosity is what all we know about. Right ? I have seen my mother’s grandfather calling people who passed by, to visit gurudwara near his house, to have chit-chat over a cup of tea. Sun (a rich source of vitamin D) was his bosom friend, every morn who was awaited keenly by him. Over that he would have all details of society and after four to five hours of sunbath he would turn placidly upstairs, for his lunch and sound sleep. Worldly affairs were his soul diet. We used to take secret pleasure in his trivial fights over remote control with his great grandchildren.
With passing age, I saw him growing lean and thin but exuberant in spirits. Unfortunately, few days back we heard his sad demise. How without any suffering or illness, with age over ninety, one could leave this world gently? But above all what most touched our hearts was that he donated his body to medical students. He took this decision when he was 38, some fifty two years back. He was handed to the hospital and with a grieved heart, his daughters and granddaughter (my mother) went to pay their last tribute, the other day in hospital. After five days of mourning and rituals, newspapers flashed his story of ‘Being Human’ (his kind act of donating body). He was indeed praised for being human not only while he lived but even now, after his death.
He gave hope and inspiration to all of us and the needy. This was a True Hero. This was actually ‘BEING HUMAN’!
@Divleen Kaur Sachdeva.

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