Charles David (UBI Teary Eyes Contest | Certificate of Participation )

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Charles David

When the stars are fall and deem
And the skies, of dark brown hues
Fireflies waves in deep soul rhythm
The heart lache joy and pain as muse

When full truth are turned to wrongs
And everything are called of onset
How farthest from fortune belongs
The gutsy fate of a survival cadet

When the world ablaze and inflamed
Sitting alone in disgust acraze attrition
And nothing seems alright in frame
The sorrow speaks in silent contrition

When the heart tongue’s the grieve
And narrate her painted walls of inner
Make no tear droplet when it prieve
Everything’s going to be well better

Make good times and make some fun
Sing some songs and keep on dreams
The world is wide and ranged of run
Just got to go and wipe the tear streams!

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