Bhardwaj Preeti (By Blackout| Certificate of Participation)


Bhardwaj Preeti

My love for you was never selfless
Loved you for my own sake
Could not realize it was not reciprocation
Rather was my need to take shelter
Away from monotony and being lonely
Wanted to become an attention seeker
Longed to be pampered cared followed by you
Desired the placement on priority list
Landed on the moon with stars in my eyes

Your love too not turned out to be exceptional
It was just a reaction of an action
That you saw me on the day
When your group was in search of dames
Could not carry it further
Then you were a coward also
Remained a stranger throughout
Turned out to be a parasite
Fed on me , sucked my energy for six years
Left me before the judgement day
I slipped down from the edge of that moon
Fell down leaving all the stars
And it was an aggregate blackout

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