Babita Kejriwal (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award )

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Babita Kejriwal

One day as she lay beneath a tree,
She found many sparkling diamonds scattered around;
She was in pure ecstasy
They were so precious,
Lucky was she to have
These timeless jewels in her grasp.
She did not want to let them go
And held onto them.
The sun shone on her face
Revealing her overflowing joy;
A soft breeze blew
Caressing her tenderly.
Beautiful birds hummed
Love’s sweetest songs,
The scenic beauty and picturesque sights
Touched chords in her heart.
Soon the day ended and silvery moonlight
Cascaded from the white ball.
The diamonds were no longer there,
They had vanished.
The diamonds were time-
Valuable and fleeting,
So make the most of it!

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