Ayaskanta Mohapatra(Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Appreciation)

Ayaskanta Mohapatra(Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Appreciation)

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Ayaskanta Mohapatra

Thank you for gifting me wounds
Thank you for giving me knowledge to discover balm
Thank you for your love and hates
Thank you for your thankless tears.

No, I could never bid adieu to you.
I have wished, you should share my agony.
You have punished a lot as I am a poor poet.
False blessings are showered upon me ‘keep shining.’

You may go,no problem
I must scar your signature till it bleed.
You have questioned ‘who am I?’
I must put this question to you.

I know answer will be again another question.
I never expect any answers from you.
Thank you for inducing poetic urge
I have fallen like waterfall for you.

Thank you for declaring me ‘joker’
From garbage of days and nights I try to escape.
You have blessed to die in
I am nothing but a prey of cruel time like you.

Thank you for forgetting me
Thank you for scarring my fiesta of feelings
Thank you for observing false carnival of colours.
Still I must murmur ‘i love you’

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