Ayaskanta Mohapatra (UBI Journey of the soul Contest | Certificate Of Appreciation )

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Ayaskanta Mohapatra

Who knows ,from where this journey starts
None knows to what limit it will continue
None could work out this infinity’s Algebra
A mysterious locus is soul’s journey -line
It’s difficult to read.

Soul marries a body,composed of five icons.
Cargo of water,earth,light sky and air journeys with soul.
It’s an adorable set,displaying peaceful coexistence.
Soul and body assembly work as one entity and and runs to the goal

Soul starts it’s spiritual journey sometimes earlier,sometimes at old age.
This is the time of review.
Living one calculates plus and minus deeds and still continues journey.
Till death it will continue to take a pause

Fate is there,God blesses
But mind works in careless manner.
At this moment it again wants to
correct the movement.
It’s great.

Soul moves now in correct direction
Vector tends to heaven.
Soul is able to search it’s identity.
It is now free from bond like bird and bard.

Death is not the end
It’s commencement of another triumph
along other locus.
Again starts soul’s journey plus infinity to
minus infinity !!!


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