Ate Mamu(Category-Article)(Being Human|Certificate of Excellence)

Ate Mamu(Category-Article)(Being Human|Certificate of Excellence)

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Ate Mamu

Humans are anatomically and behaviorally species of the genus Homo, sometimes called as the modern homo sapiens. Physically developed, brain and body, high reasoning and understanding. With this characteristics it is called human being.
But human being is far different from being human. As we all know, human being is a noun, a person, it’s me, you, and anyone. Being human is a verb, it is what human does, the behavior and mindset, the qualities of being a good person and the ability to used our brain to its fullest for a good reason, in short being human is humanity.
Everyone can make mistakes, but being human accepts mistakes. We are not perfect, we sometimes failed and we are still trying despite of failures. When we failed, we learned. Being human is to experienced failures and learned from it. We are creating our own life with our own choices and limitations. We made who and what we are as a person of high intellectual capacity and emotion that is stronger than our faith.
It is very simple and plain that human being is just the physical attributes of a person. It is given, it was made by the heaven, a body that is blessed with silky skin types, sexy gorgeous curves, shiny hair and fairy-like face, it is beautiful. But being a human and keeping our humanity is harder than we think. Positives approach to everything. Even when in time of crisis and calamity, in times of epidemic and war. Did you try to look at yourself in a mirror? Did you find anything or any good in your face? Did you find the “real you”, your character, your inner voice when you see yourself? Your body as human being is the mirror of you being a human.
Keeping our humanity is hard. Yes, it is! It is the soul of human being. The ability to communicate, to speak, to hear and be heard. To care, to love unselfishly, to share and to lend a hand to those who needed most without seeing who they are. It’s a good deed, humanity ia not looking as perfection but being good in every imperfection. Finding and creating a silver lining for a possibility and a chance of hope and peace.
Human being is me, you and everyone around us but being human is the world of peace and freedom.

-Ate Mamu

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