Archana Zutshi (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Excellence)

Archana Zutshi (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Excellence)

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Archana Zutshi

The sky is the screen of the changing years.
I thank you 2019,
Like an avian I continued my flights
In the known and unknown,
Before returning to my familial grounds.

Each sojourn made me enjoy
The expanse, the free experience.
Thank you 2019, for you offered
Me all that I failed to behold.
The vistas of freshness
I could breathe deep,
forgetting the fretful
Days which limbered with pain.

Thank you 2019 for your abundance,
For lifting me up on each of the breakers.
On the shore of 2020 I have arrived
With revived ties, hopeful days,
All turbulent times playfully
Address the persevering swift mind!
2019 your message I get
“Take your burdens lightly,
Behold a new, bolder avenue !”

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